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Rowena Beaumont

EFT Expert Practitioner and Master Trainer

Rowena is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Expert Practitioner, and Master Trainer of Trainers within EFT International. Rowena has been working professionally with energy based emotional healing techniques for over 20 years working with clients with cancer to relieve high levels of fear, anxiety and depression, and with other clients to relieve mind-body illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and phobias.

Through her pioneering work she can go deeper to address negative programming and clearing and healing of past emotional wounds; and still deeper to help resolve unfinished business and address fear of dying in those that are life-threatened.

In this work she often combines EFT with Regenerative Healing bringing energy for the support of healing and deep peace to prepare clients for a conscious and peaceful soul transition at the end of life Rowena works within the practice of Dr Rosy Daniel, Integrative Medicine Consultant in Bath and as part of her Regenerative Health Holiday team in Provence, France.


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Posted: 13th August 2018

Fundraising for harp player Sue Caden

Sue Caden is a wonderful harp player, but was slowly losing her hearing. The Health and Wellbeing trust offered to help fundraise for Sue to buy her some state-of-the-art hearing aids.

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Posted: 13th August 2018

Fundraising for the passing of our friend Ali Jennings

On June 11th 2018 a group of Ali’s friend run in the Nailsea Charity run in Ali’s memory in aid of our charity which Ali served and supported passionately.

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