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Ioannis Papasotiriou

Medical Geneticist

Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou graduated from Medical School in the of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Greece in 1997 followed by a Postgraduate Masters training in Molecular Medicine at the University of Westminster of London, and then a second Masters in Molecular Oncology at Nottingham University.

Thereafter he did his PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Zurich with research performed as Scientific Fellow in the Department of Human Physiology and Medical Biochemistry in Medical School of Thessaloniki and at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany.

Between 2001 and 2004 he established Arzt Genetik Zentrum (a medical genetics centre) in Thessaloniki where he was Director and since May 2004 he has been CEO and Medical Director of RGCC SA – (Research Genetic Cancer Centre SA www.rgcc-genlab.com) in Greece offering Personalised Cancer Testing through the study and testing of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) from the blood of people with cancer.

Through this method RGCC is able to provide precise individualised guidance in the use of medical, nutritional and complementary therapy medicines for treatment of cancer.

Whilst his main interest is cancer genetics with a major focus on chemo-sensitivity testing to improve patient outcomes, his other major research activity lies in the field of cancer drug design and evaluation and in the development of innovative methods for cancer gene and molecular targeted therapies.


Personalised Cancer Testing

Discovering Personalised Cancer Testing and Treatment


Introducing Personalised Cancer Testing and Treatment


Discovering Personalised Cancer Testing


Training in the Interpretation of Personalised Cancer Testing

Masters in Pharmaceutical Technology (On hold during COVID19 lockdown)


RGCC Testing

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