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The Health Creation approach to Coronavirus

Article Source: https://www.drrosydaniel.org/news/

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Today I want to share with you my thoughts on how to deal positively with the Coronavirus pandemic. There are four attachments that you can download through the links below – do please feel free to share these with others. And if you do not wish to receive information from me in future, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

Turning the crisis around

I have written an article Finding the Health Creation Opportunity in the Corona Crisis urging us all to go further with our self-care and really make the most of this very rare time to focus on ourselves. I have also been in consultation with Cytoplan’s top nutrition experts team to provide you with the best Nutritional Recommendations both for prevention of infection and to support you more strongly still if you develop symptoms. And if you would like to truly understand the benefits of the immune booster Beta Glucan which is in the Max-immune that I recommend, then here is Beta Glucan: The Scientific Evidence.

Furthermore, Weleda’s Pharmacist Evelyn Davies has provided us with Weleda’s Recommended Remedies for prevention and treatment from their treasure trove of natural remedies. I am now giving regular health advice to Weleda and find their products to be completely inspiring in their beauty and purity.

Offering you volunteer support from the Health Creation Mentors 

At this time of peak anxiety, my lovely Mentors are offering free ‘calming calls’ to help you to get yourself grounded and focussed on the steps that you will take to get yourself into the driving seat with your health and wellbeing as top priority. This can then be the start of some regular Mentorship support if you so wish, to get you fully engaged in your own Health Creation journey and into the best shape you’ve been in for years!

To arrange for a Mentor to call you, please leave a message on the Health Creation Helpline 01225-745737 or email rosy.daniel@healthcreation.co.uk.

And if you need my help, I am here for you too! Just go to www.drrosydaniel.org and then click ‘Make a booking’.

We will get through this difficult time, and we will all learn many brilliant lessons about living more simply and in greater harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. So, I suggest that you embrace this challenge and hopefully you will look back on this time as the moment that you really stepped up your self-care and became truly resilient, energised and healthy!

With warmest good wishes as we connect and share the great outpouring of love, kindness and creativity of this special moment,


Dr Rosy Daniel – March 30th, 2020