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Laying the Foundation: Defining the Building Blocks of Music-Based Interventions

Article Source: https://www.nccih.nih.gov/news/events/laying-the-foundation-defining-the-building-blocks-of-music-based-interventions

Accessed from the world wide web at 12:00 hrs 21.03.21.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), in collaboration with the Foundation for the NIH and the Renée Fleming Foundation, are sponsoring an expert panel discussion—the first in a series of three meetings intended to develop evidence-based music therapies for brain disorders of aging.

The roundtable format will be used to gather input from individuals representing neuroscience, music therapy and music medicine, behavioral intervention development, clinical trial methodology, and patient advocacy and art-based organizations. Mr. Alan Weil, editor of Health Affairs, will serve as facilitator in fostering a dialogue between the NIH organizers and a group of invited experts. The NIH organizers will utilize input gathered from these meetings and the broader scientific community to inform the creation of a toolkit for research on music and health across the lifespan. NIH organizers ultimately hope to develop and disseminate the toolkit, which will include a consolidated set of common data elements for music-based intervention protocols.

Please register for the meeting using Eventbrite.