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Implementing laughter therapy to enhance the well-being of patients and nurses

Article source: https://journals.rcni.com/nursing-standard/evidence-and-practice/implementing-laughter-therapy-to-enhance-the-wellbeing-of-patients-and-nurses-ns.2019.e11064/abs

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Most people enjoy laughing and having fun, and this can enable individuals to socialise and bond. However, there is a difference between spontaneous laughter and laughter therapy, which consists of physical exercise, relaxation techniques and simulated vigorous laughter. This article by Nursing Standard aims to enhance nurses’ knowledge and understanding of laughter therapy, which is a practice within complementary and alternative medicine. It discusses the evolution of laughter therapy, and describes its components and how it is practised. This article also identifies the physical and psychosocial benefits of laughter therapy, and how patients and nurses can engage with this activity to enhance their well-being.

Why you should read this article:

  • To understand the role of complementary and alternative medicine in supporting patients’ and nurses’ health and well-being
  • To recognise the physical and psychosocial benefits of laughter therapy for patients and nurses
  • To consider how you might implement laughter therapy in your practice for patients, or how you might engage with the activity yourself

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