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Studies link toxic relationships to health problems

Article source: https://local12.com/health/medical-edge-reports/studies-link-toxic-relationships-to-health-problems

Accessed from the world wide web at 19:30 hrs on 21.02.19.

Two studies have important information for couples about marriage and medical problems.

While every married couple experiences conflict, two studies show constant, unrelenting marital stress takes a serious toll on your emotional and physical health. Everything from headaches to chronic stomach issues have been linked to marriage tension, and these studies are showing just how much of an impact that has on your health, according to specialists at the Cleveland Clinic.

One study in Psychoneuroendocrinology connects marital distress and depression to gut problems and inflammation. Another from the American Psychological Association links it to coronary heart disease.

Specialists at the Cleveland Clinic say it’s likely about a mind-body connection. When you are in a strained or stressful relationship, it puts your body on high alert, and that can wreak havoc on your immune system, making you more vulnerable to these health problems.

The impact appears to be greatest on health when a marriage seems to be in crisis all the time, so it’s important to get yourself on a path outside that toxic relationship.

The report focused on marriage, but any intimate relationship where there is chronic conflict could result in poor health.