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Posted: 8th February 2010

Subject: Therapy and Self Help / Sub-category: Nutrition

Nutrition – Overview

The food we consume has a big impact on our health and well-being.  When we eat too many foods high in fat, sugar or salt we increase risks of health problems.  Therefore it is important for GPs to promote good healthy diets to help their patients gain control of their weight and reduce diet related health problems for them and their families.

Diet & Nutrition Lead Bodies

For more information, please select Lead Body – Academy of Nutritional Medicine, or the Lead Body – Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Resources on the left, to be redirected to their sites.

Other Evidence Sources

Nutrition Evidence

Nutrition Evidence is an online collection of high quality nutritional science and lifestyle medicine research. This library is designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions that enable their delivering effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations. Please see Diet & Nutrition Evidence Source 1 – Nutrition Evidence in Resources to be redirected.