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Alliance for Natural Health International

Helping more people engage with nature to create human and planetary health. The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) International is a non-profit organisation with a mission to safeguard and promote natural and sustainable approaches to regenerating and managing human health worldwide. Envisioning a world in which all individuals are able to enjoy their fundamental right […]

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The Sustainable Health Foundation

Regenerating health in communities, with support in nature. Never before has easily accessible and affordable nutrition and wellbeing education been so needed. This educational initiative is wholly in line with SHF’s mission to restore, regenerate and reframe our longterm health future. We are delighted to partner in this venture and look forward to being a […]

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The National Centre for Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine brings together the best of conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to improve health and wellbeing. NCIM are passionate about an empowered whole-person model of care that supports the person to take charge of their health and feel more informed about their own care. Our mission is to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to […]

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